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Fraud notice
Published on 31-08-2021

In the last 6 months we faced a huge amount of fraudulent people, Some caused us problems with our partners, Some tried to harm our site badly.

Whether you like us or dont, It is not matter! cause it is business and a lots of money are being invested by us. The top countries were India and Pakistan.

For security & Fight fraud, Members from Pakistan and India MUST be in a paid membership or pass! No offense. (No racism or hate)
This is final. 

Thank you and best regards!

Minimum Payouts is $0.2 only
Published on 09-12-2020


We have made some good changes for a better service. Now, the minimum payments are $0.20.

You need 1000 Cashout Points and $0.2 in your balance to withdraw your money with vey low fee. 

Cashout Points can be collected on:

 - Offerwalls

 - Bonus Ads (AdlinkAds)

Upgraded users dont need cashout points to withdraw. It is just fair. This way, All of us make money together in a good equal way.

Best Regards!

How Does Cashout Points Works
Published on 12-07-2019

How to earn Cash Out Points and how much do you need?

All you need is 1000 Cashout Points to withdraw your money anytime. The minimum payment is $1 only!

You can earn Cashout Points by completing any offers on Offewalls and Bonus Ads. 

Does all memberships must earn cash out points to withdraw? 

No, Upgraded members don't need cashout points. 

We are new owners
Published on 26-06-2019


We are happy to let you know that we are the new owners of ALTCOINCLIX.


We will pay you with Payeer, AirTM.

Payments will be counted from today 6/26/2019. We are not responsible for the old ones.

Minimum cashout $0.2

Altcoinclix Team!