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Published on 06-12-2019


Kindly, I'm asking you to not use VPN/PROXY on our site.

We have hundreds of VPN logs daily but we did not suspend anyone yet. We thought to come straight friendly first. Then if it does not work out we will apply what you read in our terms. 

We pay, and, in time. so why you have to use vpn and proxy? you really dont need to. Do your favorite work and let us pay you and everybody will be happy. 

Best regards!

Standard Membership Cashout Overview
Published on 17-11-2019

To Cashout your earnings as Standard Member you need to collect 1000 points for each $1.00. The Points Need to be earned in the Offerwalls or with Bonus ads. You can track your collected Points on your Account Dashboard as also on the Offerwalls Page. When you request a Cashout we will deduct 1000 Cashout points for each $1.00 you request. If you have for example $4.50 in your account balance and you have 1000 cashout points, your request is max. $2.50, the remaining $2.00 will stay in your account balance.

we added daily surveys that you can complete every day
Published on 06-11-2019
 we added daily surveys that you can complete every day. We will give you $0.20 for every completed survey by you.
check surveys here:
Skippyads credit cash now
Published on 03-11-2019


Skippyads offerwall now is crediting cash not coins.


Published on 08-10-2019

Coins are a currency we use to credit you when you do offers on Adscendmedia, Wannads, Offertoro, and medium path.

You see in your account summary Pending offers coins, those coins will be converted into cash then send to your account balance automatically every 48 hours. 

R: 1 Coin = $0.0005. 


Upgrade Today and receive...
Published on 04-10-2019


Our site is very profitable with the services we provide. anyone can earn money easy.  We have very active referrals with high AVG.

But if you upgrade you'll earn more and faster. (you see it in a lot of sites right? but you don't get it) with us, you'll get what we promise and more!

We are offering the following: 

Upgrade to any membership and receive 30 free rented referrals and 5 direct referrals. The click of referrals for upgraded users starts from $0.002, $0.003 and up to 0.01 depends on the type of membership.

We guarantee that you will get your money back and a huge commission without limit.  We will boost your income! Try us today!


Perfect Money Withdraw Removal
Published on 14-09-2019

Hi all,

We would like to inform all of you that we are no longer paying with Perfect Money.

We usually fund our accounts using the bank system and the fees are very high. Actually, We lose a lot of money when funding our accounts.

Imagine, if we want to fund our PM account, we need to pay fees up to $30 - $40. Therefore, we decided today to keep only AirTM, SolidTrustPay, and Payeer. Means, no PM payments anymore.

Kind Regards!

Offerwalls Contest #2
Published on 12-09-2019

Offers Contest!

How does it work?

 each position has a stepped value of the total earnings in offerwalls.

 First place will get the full 100% extra over his/her completed offers.
 After first Position, the prize value will be decreased by 10% for the next position, for example, second place will get 90%, the 5th place will have 50% over his/her completed offers.
 All offers listed in the offer application count, check them here: In our offerwall app.
We are giving the best deal to make money for limitted time
Published on 03-09-2019


We giving you a great deal.

If you upgrade your account and you lose some money, we will refund you exactly what you lost.

For example: If you Purchased a Gold Membership and you lost $5 during your membership time for some reason, like you did not log in for few days, server issue, etc!, or you did not get benefits and profit, We will give you $5 back.

How to invest ?

Purchase membership you like, Rent a big amount of referrals, login daily and click only 4 ads. You will see. we have a very active referrals.

Why this? We are posting this because we are a %100 sure that you will never lose a single penny with us. We are reliable and you are safe. We are here to work together.

Best regards!

AirTM service brief intro
Published on 02-09-2019

We have added AirTM as a payment prosessor. You can Deposit/Withdraw using it. But, you must have an account on their website.

If you dont have an account SIGNUP HERE

Brief intro: is an e-wallet similar to PayPal, They are a legal entity in the US, a fully compliant FINCEN registered MSB (Money Service Business).

Airtm is connected to over 800 banks and +200 payment methods in over 160 countries. Currently, they have over 500k users.

Start using AirTM today

Source: AirTM.

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