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Pending payments will be processed on the 25th of September
Published on 23-09-2020


Pending payments will be processed on the 25th of September. Thank you!

You can open a support ticket if you have any questions. 


We moved to a new server
Published on 01-08-2020


We have moved to a new server. and we are still working in minor things on the site, Payment will be sent As soon as possible. starting today!

Thank you for understanding!

Tickets about Payment requests must STOP
Published on 23-07-2020


Hello Members,

For the last few months, we have been overloaded with payment requests from tickets and forums. STOP! sending them. We are working as fast as we can to procced with your withdraws. 

We will not be answering these requests anymore. You can even be suspended for such BAD BEHAVIOR!

Big Changes for Altcoinclix
Published on 23-07-2020


Hello Members,

Like all other businesses we always try to find a way to survive and stay stable. Therefore, we have BIG CHANGES that will apply on July 25, 2020

- will be a GPT 90% and members will get only 4 ads daily, 20-30 Bonus Ads daily. 

- Referrals system is enabled on Offerwalls and Bonus Ads with 20% commission from referrals in each click or offer completed.

- If you refer someone you will receive $0.10 for each member you refer

- Every Survey completed successfully will give you a $0.15 bonus extra.

-Memberships will remain for Standard, and Gold. Other memberships will be discontinued. This means we don't sell other memberships.


If you like Offers and Surveys this is the fit place for you. 

Suspended Accounts who Clicked Cheat Link are Active
Published on 07-06-2020


Hello Great Members,

We added a cheat link ad for bots. Many users got suspended. All those accounts are active now .

If you got suspended, I have activated your account. However, don't click the cheat link again. it is clearly saying ( DONT CLICK THIS AD).

Best Regards!



Payments Related
Published on 04-04-2020

Hi dear members,

I would like to let you guys know,  due to many people opened multiple accounts, and many cheats kind. 

We are sending payments cautiously. please, wait and work normal, you'll receive your payment withing 10 days as maximum. 

suspecious requests takes longer, we will decide after fully check accounts.

Thanks for inderstanding!

Published on 29-03-2020

Hi dear members,

Here is a promo, will end in 2 days

Deposit $5 get 3% + 10 RR + 1500 PTP Credit

Deposit $10 get 4% + 30 RR + 5000 PTP Credit

Valid till 31 march 2020

Best Regards!

Security Check
Published on 26-03-2020

Hi dear members,

Due to some issues caused by a usless person trying to harm our project.

Im letting you know that we have to check every IP before loading the site on your browser.


What you expect? Expect some minor errors, if you do please be patient.

Please read carfully
Published on 18-03-2020

Due to many cheating we have added 1 AD which to prevent bots, Tittled under ( Do NOT Click This Ad) so please dont click that Ad otherwise your account will be suspended.

You clicked that ad by mistake? No problem. we will give you a 2nd chance and if you click it again your account will be suspended and i assume you are using auto-clicker.

If you click by mistake contact me.

If you are using auto-clicker and got suspended. that is what you deserve.

Best Regards!

Important Notice For Members from Iran
Published on 29-02-2020

If you are from Iran you must UPGRADE otherwise we cannot pay you if you join as a free user. you'll automatically get rejected when requesting your payment.

so please, Join only if you can afford a $9.99 monthly membership with a great benefit and more earning for you. of course, you'll get paid fast.

Best Ragrds!

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