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pending payment

Started by beigers 2020-06-24 at 21:28
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This user has been banned because of violating the Terms Of Service. All his posts have been deleted.
AltCoinClix Team.
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Hi! Please find different possible reasons why you have not received your payment:

1. TOS: 1 - Membership Responsibility and General behavior :
1.3. Using Proxy, VPS, VPN, Shared network environments or Auto-Click software are not allowed.
1.5. Members that abuse our TOS such as posting banners or backlinks on our Forum, or not following our rules will be suspended and all incomes, referrals will be deleted.

2. TOS: 6 - Anti-Cheat Policy :
6.1. Cheating in any way is not allowed.

3. TOS: 3 - Payment from :
3.5. Payments will be processed within 24 to 96 hours but it may take up to 10 business days due to security reasons.
> Has the time frame elapsed?

4. TOS: 3 - Payment from :
3.6. Standard members need 1000 Cashout Points to be able to cash out. Cashout Points can be earned easily on Offers and Bonus Ads (AdLinkAds).

5. Have you posted the screenshot of your last payment proof, if any?

If the reasons are NOT found above. Then please send ticket via Support.

Thank you.

Keep safe.

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