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we are closing

Started by Admin 2020-06-17 at 03:35
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Hello, Dear valued members,

Due to technical issues ( a hack worked successfully), we have decided to close down on jun-17-2020. we were able to restore all accounts with all funds and RR and everything.

What will happen to your account?

Nothing really, we just transfer everything to your account in including, funds, rr, dr, credit, membership etc...

if you have your account in I just transfer everything there. if you don't have an account you can create one and transfer all your things to your account at plus a bonus of 10 RR free + $0.35 in PB.

after you sign up send us a ticket here with your username and we will set your account as it was. nothing be lost.

Thank you very much for understanding!
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Copy, Admin. Already posted to different boards this sad news/information.
Please refer to the following links for the announcements and dissemination made:

> BMF:

> EMS:,492084.0.html

> FXR:

> Nichan Rating:

> Bitmoney Talk:

Hoping for the best!

Keep safe.
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