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Started by edison850 2020-05-17 at 14:11
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SITE NOT TRUSTED The second payment of AZOBUX and ALTICOINCLIX I do not receive, the support does not resolve Follow the links to see

AZOBUX - 0002.png - 0001.png

ALTICOINCLIX - 000A1.png - 000A2.png

If you say that I did not post a previous test, I will send a link with footage from the work area, more links from the publication
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You are already in conversation with support for the same topic. Meaning, Admin is answering your support ticket. Your last conversation was just May 15. It is just May 17 today. And you are already making a general sweeping statement in Forum? Please give Admin time to respond.

To say that the two sites are not trusted just because you cannot make a withdrawal is an unfair and unjust general statement. Please be careful with what you post here.

Further, you may want to check out the TERMS:

It says there: "3.5. Payments will be processed within 24 to 96 hours but it may take up to 10 business days due to security reasons."

Has it been 10 days?

LastIy, I would like to assume that you have completed the required Cashout Points in order to request withdrawal.
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Hi, @edison850
You need to respect yourself and be nice. I have sent your payment and the next one you requested yesterday. are you special or something you need payment very fast?
Learn manners .......! Now it is gonna be sent on the last day of the time frame as a punishment.

It does not work this way Mr.
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