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The issue of RR is escalating now

Started by Admin 2021-02-14 at 23:08
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The issue of RR is escalating now to a bad language from some users.

RR are stopped for a reason. I tried and still trying to fix all accounts but some members are really being aggressive in their tickets.

You know? many of members if they were acting like this somewhere also they will be suspended by admins. Where in the world you see Admin like me who cares for you. and always try best to solve any matter. but as always, People think about themselves only.

The problem is, The members who really investing money are not even opening a single ticket. most of rude tickets are from free members. what is this?

I will not reply or talk about rented referrals anymore. You can refer or buy referrals if you want to work here.

If I receive any tickets contains bad language, the user will be suspended as soon as I read the ticket. Please, no more messaging about RR.

Best regards!
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please check my support ticket
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