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What are coins?

Started by Admin 2019-07-30 at 03:51
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Hi all,
Coins are a currency we use at Adscendmedia, Offertoro, Wannads. You can earn coins on those 3 offerwalls. the coins you make will be converted to cash and be sent to your account balance every week. You can see Coins in your account summary.

Pending Offers Coins: ex: 50 coins, it means coins not converted yet.
Pending Offers Coins: 0 coins , it means the coins have been converted to cash and sent to your main balance.

R: 1 Coin = $0.0005.

Note: Other offerwalls like offers4all, minutestaff, adwall, clixwall, skippyads credits cash instant as always.
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Como fa├žo para converter moedas em dinheiro?
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You don't have to do anything. When you collect coins they will be converted to cash and will be sent to your balance after your offer is validated. The system will convert coins for you. not me not you.

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