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About Admin and Altcoinclix

Started by Admin 2020-09-15 at 20:58
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My name is Aziz,
From Canada.
Owner/Operator of Azobux and Altcoinclix.

We DO NOT own any other sites than azobux and altcoinclix. We do NOT represent any other PTC or any other sites.

All sites you see here are sponsors websites. We dont own any of them.

I, personally, dont work in any PTC site at all. except Neobux, and 3 or 5 old legit GPT/PTP/BIG INVESTMENT SITES. That is it. i do not use ordinary PTC or other ones who thinks they are the best and full of success!!! we are also the best. if not, then we will be sooon!

If you have any question you can contact me via email: admin [at] ( Replace {at} with @.

Best Regards!

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