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Rent in Canada Today

Canada has grown a lot till the one can't find a rent, When I say can't I mean a room is sometimes impossible to rent it. This caused many people to be homeless.

Even if you have money, a job, and references still you're gonna hate yourself for looking for a place to call home where low-income people are hustling even more and Noone gives them any value. that's sad!! In the meantime, you'll see new houses and apartments for rent but still Suffering!

It feels sometimes that 75%of Canadians are homeless when see them almost beg to get a rental. 

What Cause Hardship in Finding Rentals in Canada?

We really can not tell what the problem is but let me show you some things that could be the issue.

Racist and sexist Owners, only rent to specific people.
Cheap Owners want lots of money for ugly houses.
No trust owners, They don't trust anyone hence they take months to find a person to rent them their property most likely because they know them.
Bad tenants. Bad people who damage and abandon properties or don't pay rent are very bad influences and most likely they're the main issue of the housing crisis.

All the above or at least some are the main problems.

We can say the government needs to build new houses even if they do the issue remains and knowing it is impossible.

You work or don't you're gonna suffer to find a place to call home in Canada. You can't even find a room...

The cause of this problem is still unknown!  If you have any ideas you can share a comment

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