e-How Blog: Skrill is a Scam


Skrill is a Scam

Many online payment programs are scams, Some of them show themselves as scammers directly by scamming

people and the majority are hiding their stealing.

Meaning of Scamming people directly:

It means, anyone and everyone get scammed and lose money with those companies. So everyone online knows about them. And most victims are new people.

Meaning of scamming but hiding in a form of legit:

It means those companies scam some people but trying to appear legit to some. You find them pay 30% of users and scam 70% of others.

Skrill.com is a Legit or Scam?

Skrill is a big scam company. THEY STOLE THOUSANDS of dollars from people around the world. 

How do they steal money?

Let's say you opened an account with them, You will access it anytime without problems but once you deposit or receive funds they lock your account out and tell you suspicious activity has happened.  Contact us to solve your issue,  and once you contact them they block you and give you false excuses, So, all you need to do is give up on the funds and move on because they're already intended to steal your money no way to make them change their mind. Skrill is a Scam.

How to avoid losing money at skrill?

Simply don't use skrill.com at all as skrill is a Scam.

There are many good online payment programs on the web you can use safely but you really need to avoid Skrill. Skrill is just a scam 

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